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Rob Pane


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Hi, I’m Robert Pane, Founder of Total Spectrum Painting Services and we would love the opportunity to help you with your next painting project.  Total Spectrum Painting Services offers services ranging from Interior and Exterior painting to residential and commercial painting and carpentry. We specialize in projects ranging from residential new construction to renovations and re-paints. Our company is owner operated, so you can be sure an that we’ll be there every step of the way. Our expertise in the painting industry gives us the knowledge and experience to complete your next project!

– Quality                                           –  Reliable            
–  Professionalism                          –  Meticulous
–  Efficient                                        –  Reliable
–  Attentive                                       –   Clean
–  Environmentally Friendly



  • When choosing a shade of paint, no matter how beautiful it is, if the paint itself is average, the final product very often is unacceptable.  We have found that economy grades of paint do not perform well overall and a number of coats used on average increase significantly.  We always choose high-quality paint lessening the risk for imperfections while increasing the coverage ability.  This allows you to admire the beautiful shade chosen versus the imperfections lower paint qualities can leave.

    When choosing paint, there are three finishes we look at depending on where the paint is going.

    Flat: These finishes hide imperfections well but are the least stain-resistant and are better suited for low-traffic areas.

    Eggshell and satin: Use only on fairly smooth, well-prepared surfaces because their shine can accentuate imperfections on the walls. These paints are strong enough to be used in family rooms, kids’ rooms, and hallways, however, some might change sheen when scrubbed.

    Semi-gloss: Shinier still, these paints are formulated to stand up to stains. They’re generally the easiest to clean, but some may tend to dull when scrubbed. They’re ideal for kitchen and bathroom walls, windowsills, and other woodwork. Semi-gloss paints require a very smooth, well-prepared surface with few imperfections.

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